Akash DTH Price :AKASH recharge offer

Dear visitor, you may have heard that Akash TV DTH is a very popular TV channel. Welcome to our tutorial today. We will try to answer all the questions in your mind through this new tutorial of Akash TV. There are many subscribers who want to know about Akash TV channels, but cannot collect accurate information. For them, we will highlight all the offers of Akash TV in this post. If you want to know about Akash TV then you must watch the post given on our website carefully. We have mentioned below all the information including Akash DTH price, facility, dealer monthly bill for your convenience.

Akash DTH Dealer 2021

If you want to know about Akash DTH Dealer then stay with us. You will find Akash DTH dealers Your district has Akash DTH dealers. You can collect all the information by contacting Akash DTH dealer if you want. You can also contact the Akash DTH hotline if you want and talk about your problem. Hopefully all the problems will be solved. You can also contact Akash DTH Facebook page. We mentioned the Akash DTH hotline number, and Facebook page for your convenience.

  • Link to Akash DTH Facebook page
  • Hotline Numbar: 16442
  • IP Phone Number: +880 96-09999000
  • Facebook Page: Akash DTH

Akash DTH Price 2021

Dear Visitors, Many of you want to use Akash DTH but you do not know the price of Akash DTH. Today we present to you all the information and prices of Akash DTH so that you can easily know the price of Akash DTH from our website.
You also mentioned all the information including Akash DTH Guarantee Warrant. If you buy Akash DTS, you will get various benefits including 1 year guarantee. If you take Akash DTH connection, you will get the opportunity to watch all the TV channels for free in the first month. You will also get Akash TV Jakaj Challen, which you can enjoy all year round. Akash DTH has been priced at TK 3999 but will be priced subject to negotiation.

Akash DTH receiver

If you are a member of Akash DTH, you will only be provided with a receiver. In the general sense, those who have used Akash DTH in the past do not have to pay a new connection fee. In other words, those who have Akash Umbrella or Antenna will have to take Akash DTH connection only if they take Akash Receiver. If you want to get Akash receiver, contact Akash DTH dealer in your district. You can also collect the receiver online or from any store if you want. Akash DTH receiver costs only 3000 TK. So far 2 set top boxes of Akash have been fenced, the quality of 2 boxes is good. However, everyone likes the updated version.

Akash DTH setting

Akash DTH dealers offer a wide range of facilities to their customers. If you collect Akash TV from Akash DTH dealer then the dealer gives you various facilities. For example, Akash DTH is servicing free with 1 year guarantee, installation is also free, 10 meter cable is free. Discounts will be given if the dealer purchases all the approved products. Comes with free installation and free up to 1 year service charge. And to set up Akash DTH will cost 20-25TK per meter cable in the mountains. This offer is only available from dealers. If you take Akash DTH connection the dealer will provide connection with their workers.

Akash DTH Dealer Complaint

If you take Akash DTH connection, the dealer will come to your house and connect you. But if you want Akash DTH Dealer / Distributor / Seller with the name of the store in customer service. You can complain directly to Akash DTH. If at any time you want a higher monthly salary or your TV channel looks bad, you can complain directly to the dealer. If they do not average our complaint, you can contact us directly at the hotline number given above in our post. Hopefully you will benefit and work very fast. In the complaint, you have to give your home name, district, police station and dealer name.

Akash DTH package recharge and monthly bill

Akash DTH Jakaj can enjoy TV channels all the time. I will enjoy this year’s T20 Cricket World Cup games with Akash TV. Sky DTH package can customer. If you are worried about the monthly bill of Akash DTH cable connection or you want to know how much the monthly bill of Akash DTH can be, then you must read this tutorial on our website carefully. The maximum monthly bill for Akash DTS cable connection is Tk 399 and the minimum bill is Tk 249.

  • 120 challans – 399 TK.
  • 60 challans – 249 TK Akash DTH night package.
  • If you add-on package, you will have to pay extra cost.

Add-on package price

If you want to use the add-on package of Akash DTH channel, you must pay extra bill. There are various light add-on packages in the sky. Such as sports add-on packages and movie add-on packages etc. There is a set top box for Akash DTH retailers who cost TK 300. Also know that Akash DTH can be recharged one time or for 1 year. However, if for some reason you do not use for three months or more, then you must take the re-connection with a fee.

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