Dhaka to Barisal launch Schedule, Ticket price, Counter number

Dear Visitors, Welcome to our new tutorial, Today I will discuss with you about the launch schedule from Dhaka to Barisal. If you are a traveler then this post is for you. We will mention Dhaka to Barisal launch names on our website so if you want to travel from Dhaka to Barisal launch then you must know about Dhaka to Barisal launch schedule. Also need to know about launch ticket prices and counter numbers. So we will present all the information in this tutorial. So hope you read our tutorial in full and get all the information.

We have reviewed and seen that there are many passenger points who want to go to Dhaka to Barisal but are worried about how to go so today we will give you detailed information about the schedule of Dhaka to Barisal launch. Also many people search different places for different information including launch ticket price so we mentioned all the information in front of you. I also mentioned all the launch names from Dhaka to Barisal, Barisal to Dhaka.

Dhaka to Barisal launch Name/List

If you want to travel from Dhaka to Barisal, you must travel by launch. You can enjoy a variety of benefits when traveling by launch. A few launches are expected to go, different launches offer different types of facilities, so the passengers all try to enjoy different types of facilities. Dhaka to Barisal expects a few launches to go so different launches offer different facilities. We have mentioned the names of all the launches for your convenience so that you can easily know about the Dhaka to Barisal launches.

launch List

  • Adventure 1 and 9,
  • MV Manami,
  • Surovi 7, 8, 9, 10,
  • MV Kalam Khan,
  • Parabat 9, 10, 11, 12,
  • Sundarban 9, 10, 11 & 12,
  • Kirtonkhola 2 & 10 and more. 

Seat arrangement:

  • Third class or deck,
  • Second class
  • VIP cabin.

Dhaka to Barisal launch schedule

There are many passenger points who always like to travel, they come and go from one section to another for different needs. They have to travel in different vehicles, and they must know about the schedule of the car. If you want to go through the Dhaka to Barisal launch, you must know the launch schedule. If you are a new passenger, you must know the launch time schedule, but if you do not know, you can collect from our website. I have mentioned all the information below. Since the Dhaka to Barisal launch has a few trips, we have outlined all the launch schedules.

Launch Name Contact Number Departs Time
Green Line Water ways 16557 Day Shifts
Adventure Day Service 01725-995345 Day Shifts
MV Parabat-2 01711276597 8:15
MV Parabat-7 01711344745 8:30
MV Parabat-9 01711344747 8:45
MV Parabat-11 01711330642 9:00
MV Sundarban-7 01718664700 9:00
MV Sundarban-8 01711441028 8:30
MV Kamal Khan-1 01711324629 8:45
MV Surabhi-7 01711-332084 9:00
MV Surabhi-8 01711453989 8:45
Manami 01309-033583 8:45

Dhaka to Barisal launch counter number

Many passengers need to contact the counter directly for different needs. But if you want to contact the counter directly, you have to collect the phone number of the counter. To search for Barisal Launch Counter Number you have to search various ways but you can’t find the right information. So we have presented Dhaka to Barisal Launch Counter Number beautifully on our website. If you want you can collect all the means of communication from Dhaka to Barisal Launch Counter Number from our website We have beautifully presented the Dhaka to Barisal launch counter numbers below.

Launch name Dhaka contact Barishal Contact
Parabat 01789-448088,
01 71 1-3306 2 ,
01 71 1-344745 ,
01 71 1-344747,
01 71 7-344747,
Surovi 01711-332084,
01711-98 35 34
Sundarban 01758-113011,
01711-35 88 38,
01718-66 4700,
Manami 01309-033583 01309-033587
Adventure 01746-174594


Kirtonkhola 01778-786954
Kamal khan 01711-324629

Dhaka to Barisal launch ticket price

Enjoy the pleasure of traveling. So we go out to travel in different ways. There are many who go out for travel, and there are many who travel for work. But if you want to go from Dhaka to Barisal for any work. Then you must travel by launch. The fun of traveling by launch is different. However, many people have different problems when traveling, such as different types of launches with different ticket prices. So when you go to collect Dhaka to Barisal launch tickets, you fall into various crises. So in this tutorial we have mentioned the prices of Dhaka to Barisal launch tickets so that you do not have such problems. You can easily know the race from here, the price of all launch tickets from Dhaka to Barisal.

First Class Rent BDT 1,000
Second Class Rent BDT 1,000
Left Dhaka 8 am (everyday)
Left  Barishal 3 pm (everyday)
Contact 16557

Dhaka to Barisal launch ticket price

dhaka to barisal launch schedule
dhaka to barisal launch ticket price
Economic Class Rent BDT  600
Business Class Rent BDT  900
VIP Cabin BDT  1,200
Dhaka Left 8.30 am (everyday)
Barishal  Left 3.30 pm (everyday)
Contact 01783-613947 (Barishal),

01747-686962 (Dhaka),


Dhaka to Barisal launch online ticket

If you want to travel from Dhaka to Barisal launch, then you must know about the launch schedule, so we have mentioned all the launch schedules of Dhaka to Barisal in front of you. There are also many who want to travel to the launch, so you must buy a launch ticket. Keep in mind that collecting tickets for launch trips is mandatory. If you go to the launch without a ticket, you will be charged double. So you must collect tickets and get on the launch. For your convenience, we have mentioned Dhaka to Barisal launch tickets. If you want you can go directly to the counter and collect tickets. You can also collect tickets online from home. If you want to collect tickets online, you can collect tickets by paying through bKash Rocket or others. We mentioned the launch ticket collection link below the line.

We have collected and mentioned all the information for your convenience, so that you can easily collect all the information from our website and travel smoothly. We are with you to make your trip beautiful and colorful with various information. Also let us know in the comments below with your valuable feedback about Dhaka to Barisal launch, and if you have any questions please mention them in our comment box. We will respond to your feedback as soon as possible I will try.

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