Edwin Cardona Height, Age, career Net Worth, Biography

Hello viewers. Today I will talk to you about a famous footballer who is a famous Colombian footballer. We have seen that there are many who want to know about different players or celebrities but cannot find the right information. So today we will discuss the correct information about this footballer in our post, so those of you who want to know the details about the players, welcome to our post, stay with this post, we hope you will get the details.

Today we will talk about Edwin Cardona, a famous Colombian player. We’ve seen a lot of people save information about players. For them today we will discuss various about this famous player. Football is a favorite sport Football has a lot of history in the past. And everyone loves the ball and everyone loves the football player so today we will talk about a Colombian midfielder who is one of the most popular football players in the world today.

Edwin Cardona biography

This player was born on December 4, 1992 in Colombia. The current player is 28 years old. She is a celebrity soccer player with two children Anna Maria Cardona Castesto. The family of this player has two brothers and sisters Mateo Cardona Yara Indain Cardona Bedoa. Edwin cardona 6 feet high. The Close Area Prime won the title with the Colombian midfielder who is with Atletico Nacional and Independent Santa Fe. He began representing Colombia internationally in 2009 and joined Monterrey at the 2015 League MX. The footballer was named the top scorer in the 2009 US Under-1 Champions League.

Edwin cardona Height, weight and eye color

This popular midfielder player is a famous player at the age of 28, his height is 6 feet, and weighs 179 pounds. We have collected all this information from his Wikipedia. And the color of his skin is pale. He has kept his body much bigger by walking out in the direction of marriage. The color of the soil in the surpress of her eyes and all the darkness of her hair. The body of this skilled footballer is approximately the least attractive and handsome.


Football career

He scored a goal in favor of bringing club Chibi to match Federico Bill Anar of Argentina in match 114 and got another support against the Jaguars Chiapas. Which earned him the Man of the Match point next April 8th. Colombian Global Argentina has joined Glorious Boca Juniors, a club without a year-long progress, to advance to the 2018 Copa Libertadores 2018 and Round of the Year 2018, a world-renowned player who in no time is known to the Boca world forever.

He made his actual start for the Copa Argentina against Gymnasium 17 where he made an assist and scored a goal 5-0 on 14 August. This famous player achieved a free kick goal towards an inevitable 1-2 interval to know that he made his debut in the Super Clিকsico in November.
And his popularity has grown ever since, and today he is a disciple of Colombia. He is known to reach his goal.

Edwin Cardona Net Worth

The alleged assets valued in Go Football ranged from about $ 1 billion to $ 5 million starting in 2021. He is receiving £ 260,000 as annual compensation although his annual compensation is $ 400,000. All his earnings come from his football career and he is very happy with his earnings.

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