GP 200 minute offer 2021: all Minute pack

Dear Customer, Today we will talk about Grameenphone Fastest Network, you must know that Grameenphone is the largest network in Bangladesh. Grameenphone is with you anywhere in Bangladesh. The Grameenphone network has made people’s lives faster and easier. Now we can get news from all over the world through Grameenphone SIM sitting at home. Grameenphone is the most trusted network in the country today. We can get all kinds of news from any place through Grameen Phone. So today we will talk about Grameenphone’s minute offer in front of you, there are many Grameenphone users who do not know about the various offers of Grameenphone. Today we will arrange the various offers of Grameenphone for you in this post, so that you can easily know all the offers of Grameenphone from this post.

You all know that Grameenphone is a reliable and fastest network. For the current Grameenphone users, the company has offered a variety of facilities. Recharge offer, lowest call rate. Grameenphone users are almost half in Bangladesh. So many people don’t know about the different offers of Grameenphone SIM, today we will discuss about the different offers of Grameenphone. Those who want to know about the various offers of Grameenphone SIM but can’t find the beautiful offers anywhere. Go to different websites and get confused from different offers, for them we have come up with 100% accurate information and some beautiful offers on our website. So that you can easily know the beautiful offers and enjoy these offers.

The company has come up with all sorts of offers for Grameenphone users. Offer of your choice from Grameenphone. You can accept Grameenphone’s mini offer if you want. If you want, you can take up to 1200 minutes bundle again. Grameenphone has given you all kinds of benefits. So that customers can enjoy all kinds of benefits and take minutes bundle as they wish. Without further ado, we will discuss Grameenphone’s minute offer. This post is for those who want to search Grameenphone Minute offer. Please read this post carefully, we hope you will find out about the Kamin Phone Minute offer and benefit from it.

Grameenphone Minute Offers 2021

For your convenience, we have mentioned all the offers of Grameenphone SIM. So that you can easily know about all the offers of Grameenphone SIM from the website, and you can activate these offers, and you can enjoy the special offers of Grameenphone. Grameenphone’s best call rates, and attractive offers.

Price Minutes Activation Code Validity
6 TK 10 Minutes *121*4024# 6 hours
14 TK 21 Minutes *121*4001# 16 Hours
16 TK 25 Minutes *121*4207# 24 Hours
24 TK 37 Minutes *121*4002# 24 Hours
44 TK 67 Minutes *121*4003# 4 Days
53 TK 77 Minutes *121*4004# 7 Days
59 TK 90 Minutes *121*4205# 7 Days
64 TK 100 Minutes *121*4206# 7 Days
78 TK 120 Minutes *121*4026# 7 Days
99 TK 160 Minutes *121*4006# 7 Days
117 TK 190 Minutes *121*4007# 30 Days
199 TK 310 Minutes *121*4018# 30 Days
233 TK 350 Minutes *121*4008# 15 Days
298 TK 480 Minutes *121*5074# 30 Days
307 TK 500 Minutes *121*4208# 30 Days
604 TK 1000 Minutes *121*4209# 30 Days

Grameenphone offers 200 minutes

We found out that Grameenphone has a lot of customers who are searching for mini minute packages. Again there are many who search for monthly minute packages. Grameenphone has created a package that suits everyone. Grameenphone has created a minute package according to everyone’s needs. To meet everyone’s needs, Grameenphone has launched a 200 minute offer. This 200 minute offer allows you to use it throughout the month. If you can’t finish using this offer for a whole month, you can add it to the next new offer.

Gp offers 200 minutes of active code

This offer from Grameenphone applies to everyone. This offer can be activated by all types of Grameenphone users. However, in order to activate this offer, you must know a specific code. You need to activate the offer by dialing this code. And you can activate this offer through recharge. If you want to activate this offer through recharge, then you have to activate this offer by recharging 117 taka. Otherwise you can activate the offer by dialing the specific code. The specific code of the 200 minute offer we mentioned below.

200 Minutes Total Minutes
*121*4007# Activation Code
30 Days Validity
*121*1*4#. Minute Balance Check
117 BDT Purchase Amount

My GP app

Grameenphone has launched My GP app for smartphone users. Everything is now a shortcut because of the My GP app. Also using My GP app, you can easily get minute offers, internet offers and SMS offers. You get all kinds of offers in one app. If you activate a specific offer from the app, you will get coins and you can collect different types of bundles of coins. My GP app has the advantage of Flexiplan, if you want you can gift different offers to your loved ones through Flexiplan. So it is easy to say that with the My GP app, everything is easier now. Balance check in My GP app is very easy now.

Now if you login to My GP app, you will get 1 GB for 12 rupees. With innumerable facilities. So smartphone users log in to My GP app.

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