GP 500 minite offer 2021: Activation Code [Special Offer]

Dear Grameenphone customer. I will discuss a new topic for you today. There are many Grameenphone customers who have different types of minute packs. But you are not satisfied with all these types of minute bundles, so today we will discuss a minute pack in front of you so that you can easily take a minute pack. Grameenphone offers a variety of benefits to its customers with more minutes at a lower price. Grameenphone has different types of minute packs. You can activate any minute pack if you want. Today we will discuss some minutes pack of Grameenphone in front of you. So watch our post carefully, I hope you will know about the beautiful minute packs.

GP 500 Minutes Offer 2021

We will discuss the 500 minute offer in detail and how to activate this offer. We have seen that there are many who want to activate the 500 minute offer but have no idea about the active code. How to activate this offer. What is Active Code? We will discuss all the issues below. So read our post to be able to activate the offer.

Price Offer Name Validity Active Code Internet
307Tk GP 500 Minute Offer 30 Days *121*4208# 512MB

GP 500 Minute Recharge Offer

You can accept this offer without dialing any code if you want. To active the 500 minute offer, you need to dial a prescribed code. The prescribed code we have mentioned above. If you want to active this offer without dialing any code. Then you have to activate this offer through 306 taka recharge. These offers are valid for up to 30 days, but if you cannot complete this offer within 30 days, then if you reactivate this scheduled offer, the next offers will be added to your previous ones. So in order to accept this offer, you must activate this offer through 306 taka recharge.

Grameenphone 500 Minute Offer Code

  • Active code *121*4208#
  • Validity 30 Days
  • GP-Any local operator
  • 307Tk only

Grameenphone minute offer

I presented the Grameenphone minute offers to you. So that from here you can see the minute offers and activate these offers. You can make the minute packs as you wish. Grameenphone has made all kinds of minute offers for your convenience. So that you can take any minute pack of your choice. You can activate any one of these packages from 5 taka to 1000 taka if you want. We have mentioned the minute packs and the active code below. You can activate the offer by dialing this code.

BDT Validity Activation Minutes
6 6 hours *121*4024# 10 Minutes
14 16 hours *121*4001# 21 Minutes
16 24 hours *121*4207# 25 Minutes
24 24 hours *121*4002# 37 Minutes
44 4 days *121*4003# 67 Minutes
53 7 days *121*4004# 77 Minutes + 50 SMS
59 07 days *121*4205# 90 Minutes
64 07 days *121*42063 100 Minutes
78 07 days *121*4026# 120 Minutes
99 07 days *121*4006# 160 Minutes
117 10 Days *121*4007# 190 Minutes
199 30 Days *121*4018# 310 Minutes
233 15 Days *121*4008# 350 Minutes
298 30 Days *121*5074# 480 Minutes
308 30 Days *121*4208# 500 Minutes
604 30 Days *121*4209# 1000 Minutes

1000 Minutes offer

Dear Customer, Are you looking for Grameenphone SIM Monthly Minute Package? Then you have come to the right place. We have discussed in detail about Grameenphone SIM’s monthly minute pack on our website. We hope you find all the information on our website carefully. I searched and found that many 1000 minute packs are searched. Go to the website and get confused, we have discussed in detail about the 1000 minute pack in the past and have arranged it beautifully so that you can understand it very easily. To activate the 1000 minute pack you need to dial a set code, this is the set code we mentioned below. We always try to help you with the right information. Since we collect all the information from different websites, we apologize for any mistakes.

604 30 Days *121*4209# 1000 Minutes

700 Minutes 25 GB offer

We found out that there are many people who like to take internet bundle with minute bundle. So today we will discuss with you in front so that you can take minutes and the Internet together. Today we will discuss with you about the 700 minute GB offer. This offer is valid for up to 25 GB internet and 700 minutes per month. If you want to take this offer, you must know how to activate this offer. If you want to accept this offer, you need to activate this offer through recharge. 700 minutes and 25 GB internet for only 509 rupees. This offer will become active if you recharge 509 taka. And you can enjoy this offer throughout the month. We have mentioned this offer in a beautiful way below.

700 Minutes 25 GB + 50 SMS 509 TK 30 Days
  • 509 TK Recharge for 25GB and 700 minute

To know the latest offers of Grameenphone, follow our website. We have discussed in detail all the information of Grameenphone and the new offers on our site. You can find all the information of Grameenphone on our website if you want. Thank you so much for being with me for so long. If you have any feedback on Grameenphone Minute Offer, you can send your valuable feedback in our comment box.

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