Novoair flight ticket Price and schedule 2021

Today we will discuss in front of you about Saidpur to Dhaka airfare. We have seen that there are many people who fly from Saidpu to Dhaka but do not know about the fare. Today we will discuss in detail about Dhaka Biman fare. So that you can easily know the airfare from our website and from this airfare you have a flight to Dhaka which is known as Novoair. This aircraft can reach Dhaka to Saidpur and from Saidpur to Dhaka in 60 minutes. So this aircraft has different types of travel facilities. Today we will discuss in detail about this Novoair in front of you, we will discuss various information including ticket price of this aircraft, flight schedule of the aircraft, facilities, contact number of the aircraft so stay tuned to our post we hope you will know all the information about this aircraft.

There was a time when many did not use airplanes to reach their destinations. But now we have seen that there are many people who travel by plane to reach their destination. So today we are going to talk about a flight Novoair so that you can easily know about the ticket price and schedule of this flight. Currently there are several aircraft going with very good service.

The quality of passenger service is improving as fares are declining due to the presence of multiple airlines. Everyone’s life is moving at a very fast pace in today’s modern life so we also use different types of planes to reach very fast. Those of you who are from Dhaka to Saidpu. Today we will present to you various information of Novoair aircraft for those who want to travel from Saidpu to Dhaka. Below we have mentioned the price of Novoair aircraft. You can see this price.

Novoair flight ticket Price

Minimum low Price  High Price Airlines
2900TK (Super Saver) 6200 (Economy Flexible) Biman Bangladesh Airlines
2700 TK (Special Promo Package) 8200 (Flexible) NovoAir
2699 (Discount) 9500 TK (Economy Flexible Plus) Regent Airways
3200 TK (Promotional Economy) 7700 TK (Regular economy) US Bangla Airlines

You must know that airfare is always changing. Fares from Dhaka to Saidpu are no exception. Your airfare may vary depending on the date of travel. The fares of these aircraft change over time, sometimes increasing or sometimes decreasing. So we are mentioning the specific fare on this plane. However, usually the fares of these aircraft are always fixed, but there is very little difference if these fares change. Therefore, the decision of the concerned airline in this regard will be considered final. We have prepared the list to give our readers a good idea about the Dhaka to Saidpur airfare. And hopefully this airfare will be fixed.

Novoair ticket rules

Passports will not be required for domestic air travel. So there is no problem with air travel. For security reasons, your National Identity Card will be valid, but if you do not have a National Identity Card, you will be able to purchase tickets with a Birth Registration Certificate. You can get this Dhaka to Saidpur flight ticket from your preferred airline office. Again you can collect tickets from different websites. There are many people who think of different types of discounts, they can give tickets from travel agencies.

In that case maybe you can get some discount. Flight Expert is quite reputable among Bangladesh online travel agencies. So we are always telling you that if you are thinking of a discount, then you must collect tickets from travel agencies and you will definitely get different types of discounts. And these planes have some special rules when buying tickets. Normally these planes charge the same fare for everyone but if there is anyone younger than three months they are charged only 300 TK. In addition, the fare is the same for passengers of all ages.

Luggage information

Usually these aviation authorities have some special rules. Normally one passenger can carry 20 kg of cargo in this aircraft. Moreover, 7 kg cargo can be carried as cabin luggage. And business class passengers will be able to carry 30 kg of luggage and 7 kg of cabin luggage. The airline has ruled that using more luggage than this is a punishable offense. These rules are generally given at all airports.

Novoair flight schedule

We have seen that there are many people who like to travel on these planes but they do not have a special idea about the schedule of these flights so you have to read different types of problems. Today we will discuss in front of you about the schedule of this flight so that you can easily reach our destination by collecting our schedule from here. And in order to travel on these planes, you must know the schedule of the flight, otherwise you may face various problems. Below we mentioned the schedule of this aircraft.

Airlines name        Departure Flight From Arrival
Biman Bangladesh Airlines 10:20 Dhaka 11:25
Novoair 09:15 Dhaka 10:15
Novoair 10:45 Saidpur 11:45
Novoair 16:00 Dhaka 17:00
Novoair 17:30 Saidpur 18:30

Novoair Hotline number

Due to your various problems you can contact this airline authority if you want so you need a contact number or contact number but you do not have any of these. I am cooperating with all your information so we want to present all the means of communication of this aviation authority below so that they can easily contact this aviation authority and solve your problems. Below we mentioned the means of communication.

Mobile :  01958493200

Telephone : 09678600555

So long Thank you for your time. We always try to help you with the right information. We have collected all the information of the airport from the aviation authorities and mentioned it directly on our website. Stay tuned to our website to learn about different airports or to find out about airlines. And stay tuned to our website to get the latest information. We hope to be able to assist you with all the information. If you like our post, please share it with your loved ones and give them a chance to see detailed information about this aircraft. And stay tuned for the next post.

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