Simanta Express train schedule, tickets and tickets Price ( Bangladesh)

Our topic today is about an intercity train in Bangladesh. We have seen that many people love to travel or for any other work they prove from one place to another. Nowadays, if the travel system is not convenient, there is no fun in roaming, so there are many people who travel by train for convenient travel. Railways are one of the major links in present day Bangladesh. The present government has come a long way through railway communication and has improved a lot from this communication. So this railway has become a favorite means of communication through which people travel from one place to another.

Simanto Express train

The train we will discuss today is the Simanta Express. We will discuss about this song what kind of benefits this train has to travel from one place to another. When does this train stop, how much does the train ticket cost, what kind of train breaks, what kind of arrangements or facilities are there inside the panties. We will discuss everything today for those of you who want to know more about this train or where you left off at the time of departure of this train. We have mentioned the details below. We will assist you with detailed information about the train. We also hope that you will be able to know the details of the Simanta Express train.

Simanta Express train facility

The Border Express train travels from Khulna to Chilahati, from Chilahati to Khulna. This is a popular train on this road. This train is divided into four sections, you can take whatever seat you need. Among these four divisions are elegant chair, siddha, AC seat, AC fail. And locker for luggage parking. This train has food and drink facilities and various other facilities are provided for the safe travel of the passengers.

Simanta Express train schedule in Bangladesh

Here we have already discussed that this train travels from Chilahati to Khulna and Khulna to Chilahati.

The present director of the Border Express train is Bangladesh Railway. The management of Bangladesh Railway has various facilities. The travel distance of this train is 446 kilometers. The Border Express train starts its journey from Khulna station at 12:15 and reaches Chilahati at 6:20. The journey starts again from Chilahati at 18:45 and reaches Khulna at 4:10.

And this channel keeps trains running on this day, Monday, the holiday. And for your convenience, we have mentioned the detailed information in the form of a table so that you can understand.

The name of the station Holidays Time without Arrival time
Khulna to Chilahati Monday 21:15 06:20
Chilahati to Khulna Monday 18:45 04:10

Simanta Express train break station schedule in Bangladesh

Your opposition is especially important for safe travel. So if you travel far, you must take a break. So we mentioned the Border Express train stop stations and the schedule on our own table. The Border Express train has to cover a distance of 446 km at 17 stations. We mentioned this formula below the station schedule.

Break station name From Khulna (747) From Chilahati (648)
Josor 22:20 02:51
Cod Chadpor 22:59 02:10
Dorsona hold 23:26 01:43
Cuyadnga 23:50 01:21
Poradoho 00:31 00:47
VeraMaara 00:52 00:26
Esordi 01:20 23:45
Nator 01:55 23:00
Santhahar 02:50 22:15
Akkelpore 03:15 21:53
JoypureHat 03:31 21:35
Birampore 04:03 21:02
Fullbari 04:17 20:48
Parbotipore 04:45 20:10
soidpore 05:15 19:41
Nilphamari 05::37 19:19
Domar 055:3 19:02

Simanta Express train ticket price list in Bangladesh

You must know the ticket price of this train to travel on this train. According to the current Bangladesh Railway Act, getting on a train without anything is a punishable offense. So you must get on the train with the train ticket, and if you want to know about the price of this train ticket then we must have mentioned the train ticket price in the form of table. The Border Express train has four seating sections, the prices of these four seats are different so we want to divide the price of the seats so that you can understand.

Seat division Ticket price (15% VAT)
Decent chair 170 TK
Soft 966 TK
AC seat 564 TK
AC berth 823 TK

Many times there will be no train derailment by Bangladesh Railway (the list is valid till 2021) and this railway is one of the means of communication in Bangladesh. So if you have any questions about this prison, please let us know and we will answer your questions very quickly. Please let us know your valuable comment. We hope you enjoy this site with 100% reliable information. And if you like our information, you can share it with your loved ones. Thanks for staying with us for the time being. Enter our link to get the latest information.

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