Skitto New Sim Offer 2021: Exclusive, Internet & Minutes offer

Hello visitors, good news for skitto users, stay tuned to our website to learn about the latest offers from those of you who use skitto. And if you want to know about the new offer of skitto sim then you have come to the right place. We will easily present all the offers of Skito SIM in front of you. You must know that skitto is a part of Grameenphone SIM. Skito is the highest network and affordable in Bangladesh. Watch our post carefully to know all the easy and affordable minute offers and internet offers in Skito SIM. We always cooperate with you with various information. So let’s talk about skitto sim again.

Skitto New SIM Offer 2021

If you are a Grameenphone subscriber, then you must know about skitto SIM. Skitto is a part of Grameenphone. Skitto is a new SIM but it is used under Grameenphone. You must have heard that skitto always comes with affordable offers. In this SIM you can take minutes and internet bundles at affordable prices. Stay with us to know about skitto sim internet bundle. We will discuss the internet bundle of skitto sim nicely below.

Today we will talk about skitto new sim offer. You will get all the attractive offers in the new skitto SIM, you will get 3 GB internet bonus if you get a new skitto SIM, and you will get 1 GB extra every month, and you will also get 100 free SMS. 50 MB data with 10 taka mobile recharge. You can get any local number only by registering in the skitto app. If you register in the skitto app, you will get all the great benefits.

  • It is very easy to check the balance in the app.
  • You can easily know the minutes and internet offers from the app.
  • And you can easily activate this offer.

To register in the skitto app, you need to install the skitto app from the Play Store or App Store with your smart phone data. If you download the app on your smartphone, you can register. Stay with us to know the rules to register in the app. We have outlined the rules for registering below.

  • Download an app from your Google Play Store.
  • Enter the app and register with your skitto number and verification code.
  • And enjoy 1 GB per month for a total of 3 months.

Skitto SIM Internet Offer

Want to know about the internet offer of Skitto SIM. Today we present to you the data package list of this Skitto SIM. Affordable mini pack internet is available only on Skitto SIM. If you are looking for Skitto to SIM internet offer, you have come to the right place. We present to you all the internet offers of Skitto SIM. We are mentioning all the new offers of Skitto SIM in front of you. Grameenphone has created affordable internet packs for Skitto SIM. So those who use Skitto can enjoy these offers. Below we have listed the data package list with internet duration and price of internet package. Of all the offers mentioned below, you can activate the internet offer of your choice.

Offer Price Total Volume Validity
02 TK 55 MB 3 Days
20 TK 1 GB 3 Days
38 TK 1.5 GB 7 Days
48 TK 3 GB 3 Days
99 TK 3 GB 30 Days
149 TK 5 GB 30 Days
188 TK 8 GB 30 Days
289 TK 17 GB 30 Days
389 TK 25 GB 30 Days

Skitto Minute Offer 2021

If you are a Skitto SIM user, then this post is for you. You have learned about Skitto SIM internet offer, now we will discuss in front of you about skitto minute offer. Grameenphone’s Skitto SIM internet offer is as affordable as minute offer and affordable. So you can easily take the minute offers in Skitto SIM. In our post, we have highlighted the minute offers at affordable prices. You can activate the pack of your choice by looking at all the minute offers given in our post. These offers are for Skitto SIM users only.

Bundle offer Price Active Code Validity
120  Minute 78 TK *121*4026# 7 Days
160  Minute 99 TK *121*4006# 7 Days
190  Minute 117 TK *121*4007# 7 Days
310 Minute 199 TK *121*4018# 30 Days
350  Minute 233  TK *121*4008# 15 Days
480  Minute 298 TK *121*5074# 30 Days

Skitto  Recharge Offer

If you are a Skito SIM user and are looking for a Skito SIM recharge offer. So today we will discuss in detail about the recito offer in Skito SIM in our post. You can activate the above minutes and internet offers by dialing, and you can activate by recharging. If you want to activate these offers through recharge, you can go to the local recharge point and activate through power load without any hassle.

  • Ahead of the local recharge point, you can activate the 190 minute offer by recharging Tk. 117.
  • This offer is for 30 days.
  • And by recharging TK 199, you can activate the 310 minute offer.
  • This offer is valid for 30 days only, for Skito SIM users only.
  • You can activate 25 GB internet by recharging Tk. 369.

You can activate all the mentioned offers through recharge. These offers are for Skito SIM users only. You can enjoy these offers by dialing a specific code. If you have any comments about Skito SIM, please comment below. Since we have collected all the information from different websites, we apologize for the mistake. And we are not responsible if Skito closes these offers for any reason.

Skitto Sim Price Bangladesh 2021

Finally it is known that many people want to know about the price of this SIM, today we mentioned the price of Skito SIM. The current Bangladesh Skito SIM is priced at TK. 200.

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