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Hello Visitor, we are going to talk to you today about a popular celebrity. Who makes a tick talk video and sings. We have seen that many people want to know different information about this popular celebrity but cannot know the exact information. So today we will present all the information about this actress. So stay with us and read our full post. Want to know all the information about Xensyy Moon, many people follow different information about this celebrity but can’t find the right information so today we will present all his information so stay with us. This celebrity has done a variety of tik-tok videos and we have seen that many have become celebrities among everyone. Everyone loves to see this celebrity tick. Below we present all his information.

About Xensyy Moon we will discuss in detail about her family and her address birth place, date of birth, height, weight, education, family We have seen many people want to know all the information about this actress but can’t find the right information so today we have this popular in our post. We will present all the information about TikTok Celebrity so that you can easily get all the information from our website. And if you like our post, share it with your loved ones and give everyone a chance to see it. So that everyone can know about this tickling celebrity. There are many people who collect information of different celebrities but do not get the correct information. Today I am presenting all my correct information on our website. Below is a detailed discussion of his biography.

Xensyy Moon Biography

This popular tickling actress full name is Jannatul Xensyy Moon, but everyone is better known by her nickname Moon. She is the daughter of a Muslim family. We will present all her bio data about this actress. The home of this popular tick talk celebrity is in Barisal division. She has become one of the most popular actresses in today’s online world. He is currently performing a variety of ticks. He has a lot of tickling followers. It is commonly said that this celebrity is known as a hijabi woman. And he has won the hearts of the listeners by performing different types of music.

Jannatul Xensyy Moon age, Height, weight

This popular tic tac toe actress is 5.5 inches tall, weighs 52 kg, currently this popular actress is 20 years old. He was born on 24 May 2001 in Barisal district. She has become a popular superstar actress in the online world at the age of 20 and has won the hearts of the audience by performing various types of music and challenging videos. Despite having different types of actors in TikTok, he has surpassed all of them and has placed himself at the top through his acting.

Age 20 Year
weight 52kg
Height 5.5”
Marital Stutas Unmarried
Religion Islam
Education Honors
District Borishal
Facebook Page Click here
Youtube Click here
Instagram Click here

Jannatul Xensyy Moon Family

What we know about this popular actress is that she is the daughter of an Islamic family, her parents have two brothers and she. He lived in Dhaka with his parents from an early age. He was born in Barisal and in a few days they moved to Dhaka and they live in Dhaka. He is still staying in Dhaka. This popular actress has acted with her brothers and has a variety of talents. Her two brothers collaborated with her to make the video.

Jannatul Xensyy Moon Education

We have collected all the information from her various accounts so from this account we know that she is an Honors student. He is currently studying. He plays this tic tac toe in addition to his studies. Tiktok has two brothers who are cooperating in different ways. And we know that there are different kinds of collaboration between their brothers behind this popular actress being so popular.

 Xensyy Moon Net worth

At present he earns a lot of money from ticking. We will present to you all the information about its meaning. Our companies are working to find all the information by this popular tick. You will be with us to know all the information, we will collect all the information and update you directly so that you can get this information very easily. So we will gather all the information and discuss in front of you about the meaning of this popular celebrity. We learn that he bears the cost of his education himself by acting this tick. And earns all his money through this tickling video. This popular actress has various accounts and we will present all the accounts to you.

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